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Universal Access

Procorem’s universal access allows you to choose and remember one secure password to access documents and functionality, instead of reusing an easy-to-crack password for multiple systems.


Your data is encrypted in transit via SSL. Each file is individually encrypted with unique keys that are dynamically generated—making them highly secure.

Activity Feed

Your Activity Feed shows you the progress colleagues have made on shared projects and lets you flag items for follow-up.

Audit Trail

In Procorem, you can check the audit trail of a WorkCenter, folder, or even a single document. You will always know when each document was last edited and by whom and, if needed, you can roll back to a previous version.

Private WorkCenters

WorkCenters are invite-only work spaces, with access controlled by role-based permissions assigned to each participant. This provides a high level of control and security for your organization’s data.

Beyond The Firewall

The secure sign in, encrypted files, and configurable WorkCenter permissions mean that you can safely collaborate and share files with partners or clients beyond your firewall.

Procorem was built by security industry leaders who have been trusted by banks and government agencies. Its design was influenced by a deep understanding of how human processes affect security protocols. Procorem combines high-grade coded security with a streamlined interface that has best practices already built-in.

Procorem is regularly tested to ensure the safety of your data. We run intrusion detection so any security breach is immediately identified and addressed. Procorem leverages the Amazon Web Services cloud to provide a distributed network with real-time backup and failover capabilities.

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