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Real Estate Development Software

Why Do Developers Choose Procorem?

Procorem is the primary way that member State HFAs, Local HFAs, and Financial Institutions interact with their developer partners. As developers, performing project management on multiple deals, across multiple stages can be full time job. Between hunting down project emails, using calendars and excel to manage project tasks, holding weekly conference calls with lenders, consultants and your internal team project management is quickly cutting into to actual project execution. Collaborating effectively and efficiently through the entire life cycle of a project with the industry players just mentioned is paramount.

Procorem is the first collaborative portal built from the ground up with help from our robust group of different industry clients with the real estate and construction industry in mind, specifically for the affordable housing industry. All your deal documents, tasks, and communications are tracked and audited in a single location. Accessible in the field or at the office, Procorem real estate development software is your full time project manager.

Real Estate Development Software Benefits

All your deals in one place

Procorem real estate development software allows you to store, share, and collaborate on all your development deals in a secure, digital location. Everything’s in one place so information is easily accessible to both internal and external parties.

Your portal for all project participants

Create a secure portal for sharing operating budgets, financial reports, streamline contractor communications, manage application submission and control the flow of information for all your projects. All activity is audited and recorded to create a living project history.

Mobile and accessible anywhere

Whether on-site, in front of potential investors, at the office, or working from home, all your project information is at your fingertips. Procorem real estate development software is completely mobile and can be accessed from your phone, tablet or computer without the need for downloading separate apps.

Complete task management

With Procorem, easily manage all the complexity of your development project. Assign tasks to multiple parties, manage document and project approvals, organize your development project in specific stages and notify all parties when tasks are coming up, past due or are ready to be worked on!

Get up and running with Procorem in less than two minutes!

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What I like about Procorem is when I begin a project that is monitored by a federal agency and we need to share a large volume of sensitive information, it only takes a few minutes to setup a new WorkCenter and invite others to participate in a secure environment. Then, once the project is complete, I can delete the WorkCenter with a few clicks of the mouse.

John D. Kaul, Executive Director, Clay Center Housing Authority

Procorem immediately made a difference in how I was able to manage my business. In one location, I can share sensitive financial data with partners and the board of directors, communication about important decisions under consideration, and store data that I can later access and work on while on the go. With Procorem, I'm able to do more than ever with less effort.

Mark Buster, Chief Technology Officer, BitWise Controls