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Procorem – Property Management Software

As a Property Manager, you are constantly coordinating internal teams, external clients, investors and other property stakeholders. With the amount of information flying back and forth, your team is spending much more time than needed trying to hunt down the right information so you can effectively manage your properties.

Procorem Property Management Software acts as a portal for your property management company to organize documents, clarify communication, and securely store and share sensitive information.

With Procorem, easily manage documents and business processes in a single location. Documents and data can be accessed by approved individuals while they are on the go and from any mobile device.

Property Manager Software Benefits

All you property information in one place

Procorem Property Management software allows you to store, share, and collaborate on all your properties in a secure, digital location. Everything’s in one place so information is easily accessible to both internal and external parties.

Mobile and accessible anywhere

Whether on-site, in front of potential investors, at the office, or working from home, all your project information is at your fingertips. Procorem is completely mobile and can be accessed from your phone, tablet or computer without the need for downloading separate apps.

Closing department automation

Save time, ensure accuracy and improve the efficiency of the Closing Department with Procorem’s automated application. Procorem can streamline workflow processes from the beginning to end.

Complete task management

With Procorem Property Management software, easily manage all the complexities of your properties. Assign tasks to multiple parties, manage document and project approvals, organize your development project in specific stages and notify all parties when tasks are coming up, past due or are ready to be worked on!

Get up and running with Procorem in less than two minutes!

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As a treasurer for a 280 unit building in midtown Manhattan, Procorem has allowed myself and the rest of our board to access all of our important documents in one safe and secure location. We are able to retrieve applications, contracts, and other financial documents seamlessly through both desktop and mobile devices. Instead of searching through emails, we can view comments and other communications in one centralized location. Bottom line is Procorem has made my job easier and I thoroughly recommend it!

Scott Rifkin, Treasurer, 221 East 36th Street Owner's Corporation

What I like about Procorem is when I begin a project that is monitored by a federal agency and we need to share a large volume of sensitive information, it only takes a few minutes to setup a new WorkCenter and invite others to participate in a secure environment. Then, once the project is complete, I can delete the WorkCenter with a few clicks of the mouse.

John D. Kaul, Executive Director, Clay Center Housing Authority