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Procorem Marketplace: Affordable Housing Stories Told at NAHRO 2020

By December 1, 2020December 8th, 2020Uncategorized

In a perfect world, the scale that weighs affordable housing would be perfectly balanced, but that is never the case in our infinitely flawed world. In October 2020, ProLink Solutions introduced a new feature called Procorem Marketplace to the industry to help balance the simplicities and complexities of affordable housing.

Affordable housing is known for it’s complexity. Complexity and simplicity means more liquidity and more housing. Procorem Marketplace has put together a video to depict how simple ProLink Solutions makes project funding.

In this video we have Karen Gotzler, Asset Manager at Housing Authority of the City of San Buenaventura, speaking about how Procorem Marketplace creates a simple work environment to successfully generate and finish projects, with the right type of funding. We also have John Gilmore, the Managing Director at Walker & Dunlop, speaking about the imbalance in debt and equity that occurs during a project being funded. With Procorem Marketplace, you can smooth out any imbalance within the project funds and assure that all projects created within Procorem Marketplace will be effortless. Sean McKenna, the President/Founder of ProLink Solutions talks about how ProLink Solutions came to existence and what Procorem Marketplace is and why it will work for you and everyone else.

Milestones of your Affordable Housing Assets:

  1. Pre-development & Feasibility
  2. New Construction
  3. Acquisition & Rehabilitation
  4. Refinance & Year 15 Recapitalization
  5. RAD
  6. Rural

Try Procorem Marketplace today and get your project funded!

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