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Procorem for Developers

In a recent blog, we talked about the power of Procorem to manage human and system processes within a single application. Much more than just a document repository or project management software, we designed Procorem to be flexible enough to grow with your business, and can easily get you started today.

It has been two years since we launched Procorem. We now have well over 1,000 users leveraging Procorem to streamline their business processes, reducing administrative inefficiencies to focus on what really matters – adding value to their business.

Most recently the Kansas Housing Resource Corporation (KHRC) has adopted Procorem and ProLink HFA, to completely automate the application and management of affordable housing tax credits. For Kansas, Procorem serves as an external portal for well over 400 developer users.

With Procorem we seek to bring technology to an industry in dire need of automation. From affordable housing syndicators to property management companies, developers and the construction community, Procorem is your end to end document collaboration, project management, and data repository solution for your business.

What we have heard

We have heard the frustration from clients and our friends in the industry – hunting down the right version of a document, application processes which require the submission of hundreds of pages of physical documentation, and managing a wide range of external parties with conference calls and spreadsheets.

With Procorem our mission is to reduce the stress of finding the right information, cut down on review time, reduce the reliance on paper based and manual processes, and create an institutional record of your organization’s activities in a single location. Procorem’s structure goes a step further with standardized templates, business specific folder structures, and customizable task checklists.

Next week, we will be attending Novogradac’s Affordable Housing Conference in San Francisco. Having worked alongside the Novogradac team helping to bring technology and process sophistication to the affordable housing industry for a number of years we are excited to announce the launch of Procorem for Developers at this exciting event!

Before the show, we want to give you a sneak peak of what to expect with Procorem for Developers.

All your deals in one place

With Procorem, you can easily segment all your development projects in a single location. Quickly create pipeline stages to match your business by setting up unique tasks and project participants to align with each stage. From evaluating a new project, reaching out for financing, managing the construction, and ongoing property management, all your communications and historical project decisions are auditable and recorded in a single location.

Information where you need it when you need it

Whether on-site, in front of potential investors, at the office or working for home, all project information is at your fingertips. Procorem will give you complete access to project documentation, timelines, core project tasks, and integration with your email so you can be confident you have what you need – no matter where you are. Procorem’s mobile integration will allow you to access the information from your phone, tablet, or computer without having to download and manage separate apps.

Portals for employees, investors, contractors, and more

With Procorem you have the ability to set up unique collaboration centers, called WorkCenters, for any number of business scenarios:

  • Create a secure space for sharing operating budgets and financial reports with debt and equity investors
  • Streamline your bidding process by allowing all your contractors to submit and collaborate on bids in a single location
  • Manage internal dialogue around the project without informing external parties.

With custom security, you control who has access to what information.

Complete task management

Managing complex development projects requires the coordination of a network of internal and external parties. Partners, project managers, architects, lenders, investors, contractors all need to stay in close communication for you to deliver on-time and on-budget. Procorem task management allows you to assign tasks to multiple parties, create and manage business specific approval processes and notifies involved users when tasks are coming up, past due or ready to be worked on!

Let’s get started

Procorem is the first industry specific tool designed to fully streamline development and construction processes in a single application and getting started is a cinch. Start by watching a two minute overview of how Procorem can help your business and if you would like to chat, come see us at the Novogradac conference or contact us today. We would love to hear from you as we continue to develop and improve Procorem to be the business application for the development community!

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